What is the Exit Loan Counseling session?

The Exit Loan Counseling session is federally required and must be completed after you have separated from UC San Diego. 

You should complete the Exit Counseling when you:

  1. Graduate
  2. Fall below half-time student status (less than 6 units)
  3. Cancel/Withdraw from classes 
  4. Gap period (e.g. Do not attend for a quarter) 
  5. Go on a leave of absence 
  6. Have a Long-Term Loan Documentation (LCOD) hold on your student account 

By completing your Exit Counseling, you will be provided with your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. There are two different types of online Exit Counseling sessions that need to be completed, if you are a recipient of one or more of the following loans listed below: 

Federal Direct Loans

  1. Direct Subsidized Loan
  2. Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  3. Direct Graduate Plus Loan

To satisfy the Exit Loan Counseling requirement for Federal Direct Loan, please visit studentaid.gov. You will need your FSA ID handy in order to access this website. Should you have additional questions about the website, please call (800) 433-3243. 


Know your student loan repayment obligation. 

  1. You MUST pay back your loan. You are required to repay your loan(s) regardless of whether you complete your education, can find employment, or are satisfied with your education. 
  2. Staying informed can make a big difference. Repayment is required according to the terms of your Promissory Note. Keep track of all your records to make sure that you are in good standing with your loan(s). If there are changes to your personal information, you must provide your Loan Servicer(s) with corrections to your name, address, references, SSN, and driver's license. 
  3. Having trouble making payments? Keep in touch with your Loan Servicer (lender) to prevent future headaches. You may be able to apply for deferment, forbearance, or cancellation of your loan payments (refer to your Promissory Note). If you do not apply for any of the mentioned options above, you must pay your loan(s) as scheduled. The first step is to contact your school or its loan servicer immediately at the first sign of trouble.