Another person making a payment on your behalf?

If you would like to make a payment to a UC San Diego student's account, there are a few options available to you!


Pay in person at the Cashier's Office: 

Bring your payment (cash, check, or money order) to our Central Cashier's Office (directions located here:'s-Office). Be sure you have the student's full name and PID. Also, ensure the PID is written on the memo line of the check and that the check is made payable to UC Regents.


Pay Online via TritonPay:

To pay online via the new TritonPay, the student must first authorize you as a payer on their account. An instructional video on how to do so is located here. Once you have been authorized as a payer, you will be able to log into TritonPay to make a payment. 


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket