Why was my loan account placed with a Collections Agency?

Collections Agency Placement 

Collections Agency placements occur when you are in defaulted status. This pertains to consecutive non-payment for more than 270 days or 9 months. Being placed with a Collections Agency is part of one of the consequences of the defaulted status. UC San Diego is partnered up with three Collections Agencies: Alltran, Coast Professional Inc., and Williams & Fudge. If you have been contacted by one them, please refer to the contact information listed below to pay your past due balance: 



Borrower information to paywww.HelpUPay.com 

Mailing Address: 2000 York Road, Suite 114, Oakbrook, IL 60523

Phone number: (800) 377-1904



Borrower information to payhttps://coastprofessional.com/consumeraccess/ 

Mailing Address: Coast Professional, Inc. Campus, P.O. Box 2876, West Monroe, LA 71294

Phone number: (800) 231-0225



Borrower information to payhttps://www.paywfc.com/ 

Mailing address:  300 Chatham Ave, Rock Hill, SC 29731

Phone number: (800) 849-9791