Who is Heartland ECSI?

Heartland ECSI is the servicer for all the Campus-Based Loans of the University of California. Heartland ECSI is responsible for servicing the University’s Campus-Based student loans including, but not limited to sending student loan billing statements, processing student loan payments, forbearance, deferment, and cancellation request forms, and providing quality customer service to our student loan borrowers. 


How to Access Your Heartland ECSI Account 

  1. Log into the Heartland ECSI website: https://heartland.ecsi.net/index.main.html#/access/signIn.
    1. If you have registered already, please login with your previous credentials. 
    2. If you have not registered, please register your new account.
  2. Obtain your Heartland Key (needed to connect your account) from the SFS Loan Administration Team at sfs@ucsd.edu.
  3. Connect your account!