Difference between LCOL & LCOD Holds


LCOD (Long Term Loan Documentation) Hold is placed when the student graduates, withdraws from UCSD and/or enrolls in less than 6 units (below half-time status) and has not completed the exit loan counseling.  

To remove this hold, complete the online exit counseling by logging in to your Heartland ESCI account. If you did not previously receive a notification email with your Heartland Key and log in information, please send an email to sfs@ucsd.edu including the following information: full name, PID, personal email (non-UCSD), and phone number. Once your Exit Loan Counseling is completed, please forward your ECSI email confirmation to sfs@ucsd.edu


LCOL (Long Term Loan Delinquency) Hold is placed on the student’s account if they are more than 2 months past due.  

To remove this hold, contact Student Financial Solutions at sfs@ucsd.edu. You will be referred to a loan administration analyst who will give you more information about your account. The hold will be removed when you pay the outstanding balance or complete the necessary steps to update your account status.