Current Balance is Not Available Error Message - Troubleshooting

The above error message, "A current balance is not available at this time," may appear in the Summary section when UCSD web service is down and is unable to send data to the TritonPay environment. There are a couple of reasons why this may occur.


  1.  UCSD is currently doing maintenance to its servers. This typically occurs between 1am and 5am PT.
    • Please try logging back into TritonPay outside of this time frame.
  2.  The UCSD web service has timed out*. If you continue to see this message, we recommend you do the following
    • Clear cache and cookies and open a new browser 
    • Open an incognito window

*This issue may happen intermittently at the beginning of each quarter due to the UCSD server timing out when it is locating pending aid data. Once financial aid disburses on the student account (pending aid data will no longer be an issue) and the no balance error message should not happen as frequently. There are no late fee penalties. Your payment will need to be paid before the drop date for non-payment. If you continue to see the error message even after financial aid disburses on the account, submit a ticket before the drop date and SFS will ensure you are not dropped from your classes.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket