Why can't I make an E-Check payment?


Don't see "E-Check" or "New Bank Account" as a payment option on TritonPay? It may be due to an E-Check hold on your account. 


Reasons for an E-Check Hold

E-Check Holds are placed on a student's account after:

1. An invalid E-Check payments, such as:
- Inputting incorrect bank account information and/or routing number
- Use of a debit card number instead of an account/routing number
- Use of a savings account that does not support ACH payments


2. An E-Check payment returned for insufficient funds


How to resolve an E-Check Hold

1. For invalid E-Check payments: Verify your banking information and routing number with your bank, you may contact the Cashier's Office to request that the hold be lifted

2. For an E-Check payment returned for insufficient funds: You will be required to make one payment with the Cashier's Office with either cash or check. After the payment is made, you may submit a request to the Cashier's Office that the hold be lifted.