Summer Session TRIP Information (2024)

General Information

The Triton Registration Installment Plan (TRIP) allows you to pay your tuition and registration fees in monthly installments rather than in one lump sum payment. For Summer Session, there are four different TRIP payment plans available:

SessionEnrollment FeeTRIP Enrollment Period1st Due Date2nd Due Date3rd Due Date
SOM Summer$40April 26 - July 29June 24July 29August 16
Session 1
$20May 29 - June 24June 24July 29N/A
Session 2
$20June 28 - July 29July 29August 16N/A
Special Session$40May 29 - July 29June 24July 29August 16

If You Receive Financial Aid:

Adjustments in financial aid can cause recalculations in your TRIP installment amounts. TRIP enrollment should take place once all your financial aid for the quarter has been disbursed. 

Please Note:

TRIP does not cover housing fees and enrollment is only open to students with qualified fees.  Information related to housing installments and payments can be found on the Housing Rates and Services page.


Enrolling in TRIP

If you would like to enroll in TRIP, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Visit and log into the TritonPay payment portal.
  2. Take a look at your overview page. If you have any past due balance, it must be paid before enrolling in TRIP. Otherwise, you will not be able to enroll in TRIP.
  3. Click on "Payment Plan" on the left side navigation and select “View Payment Plans Option”.
  4. This will prompt a side screen which will show you the details of the payment plan. Once you are ready, select “Enroll in Plan”.
  5. After you agree to all of the disclosures, you will be given a balance to pay which is the total of your first installment and an enrollment fee (see above). Once the payment is made, you will be enrolled in TRIP.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could a student who is enrolled in multiple summer sessions also enroll in multiple TRIP payment plans?
A: Yes. A student can enroll in a payment plan for every summer session they are enrolled in. If a student is enrolled in Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2, then they can enroll in two TRIP installment plans, one for each session. 

Q: Do students have to pay an enrollment fee for every summer session, or is it a one time payment for all the summer sessions? 
A: Students will be required to pay a summer session enrollment fee for every session they are enrolled in. 

  •  Summer Session 1 and 2 will have a $20 enrollment fee with two installment months
  •  Summer Session 3 and SOM summer quarter will have $40 enrollment fee with three installment months

The fee is due at the time of TRIP enrollment. Fee varies based on the number of installment months.

Q: Will dropping or adding classes in the Summer affect student’s TRIP payment plan?
A: Yes, adding or dropping classes will affect TRIP installments. Monthly TRIP installment balances will automatically adjust as you add or drop classes. If your monthly installment balances are not equally distributed, contact SFS to have your installments redistributed. Most of the time, this will resolve the installment balance issue. We recommend that students wait before enrolling in TRIP until they are done adding/dropping classes.

Q: Can an authorized payer enroll a student in TRIP? 
A: An authorized payer can enroll a student in TRIP. They would have to log into TritonPay with their authorized credentials, go to the “Payment Plans” tab, and select to enroll in the available TRIP Payment Plans.

Q: Can I enroll in TRIP if I receive Financial Aid?
A: Since pending aid is not available during summer sessions, financial aid will be disbursed prior to the first billing due dates of each summer session. We recommend that students who will be receiving financial aid wait until after the disbursement date to determine if they should enroll in TRIP. Students who enroll in TRIP prior to financial aid disbursement will be subject to changes in their TRIP installments amount. Financial aid payments will be applied equally across the remaining installment amounts. If your installment balance is unevenly distributed, contact  SFS for further assistance.